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Management Training

Organizational Controls Training

How to ...
  • Create a Functional Organization Chart of your company to establish structural relationships & lines of communication
  • Develop Job Descriptions that define authorities, responsibilities, duties and standards of performance for all employees
  • Hold effective Management Meetings with all employees
  • Review your Employee Handbook for legal compliance
  • Implement Employee Performance tools to prevent law suits
  • Delegate effectively to employees 
  • Hire the right Candidate for positions in your company
  • Implement an Incentive program that pays for Performance
  • And so much more ...

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Financial Management Controls Training

How to ...
  • Read understand and interpret financial information to communicate with banks, CPA's and IRS agents
  • Manage your Cash Flow & forecast your future
  • Track, manage & control your Accounts Receivable
  • Understand your true Overhead Expenses 
  • Create a practical meaningful Budget that you stick to with ease
  • Understand the difference between Mark-Up and Margin
  • Track & control your Break Even Point to know when & if you are Profitable
  • Identify & calculate your true Labor Costs to recover FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Workers Comp and other HIDDEN taxes and fees for every employee for every hour worked
  • Understand and apply Job Costing to all projects
  • Compensate your employees for Performance 
  • Track, measure and control Bonuses for sales people with ease
  • And so much more ....
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QMTA Management Advisor Experience

All QMTA Management Advisors have an MBA from an accredited university and at least 10 years of Business Management experience 

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